Music Together® - Babies Class VIRTUAL
Tamara Gregorian
ONLINE (location info)
Tuesday, 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM
08/18/20 - 10/20/20 (10 weeks)


NEW FOR FALL 2020! Music Together - Babies Class VIRTUAL is all the best of our mixed-age Music Together classes, but specially designed for babies! Our VIRTUAL class is all of the music and movement that you know and love, from the comfort and safety of your own home! Our wonderful Tot Music teachers will help your family sing, dance, and make musical memories together. Classes will be offered via Zoom (and posted to the Family Portal). Developing your baby's natural musicality will open the door to a world of possibility, not only for music learning, but for all learning. The early months are so important to this process, which is why Music Together offers a one-semester Babies Class for families with infants from birth through eight months of age. In this class, the activities are specifically designed to teach you how to support music development in infancy and how to connect with your baby through music, using methods such as "purposeful touch," "sound-layering," "dancing for baby," etc. And since our Babies Class uses the same song collections as our other classes, you will experience a seamless transition as your baby grows into our mixed-age classes.

Upcoming Meetings
09/29/20    9:30 AM Tuesday 09/29/20 9:30 AM
10/06/20    9:30 AM Tuesday 10/06/20 9:30 AM
10/13/20    9:30 AM Tuesday 10/13/20 9:30 AM
10/20/20    9:30 AM Tuesday 10/20/20 9:30 AM